The Limit: A Space Action VR Experience

Things never stay the same for long here in the studio. We’re consistently updating and improving our technology to stay ahead of the curve, which is why we recently revisited one of our most popular VR experiences to see what we could do to take it to the next level.

The experience we are referring to here is The Limit – a fully immersive space adventure that puts you in the role of an astronaut working on a space station. Enjoy stunning views as you drift above the Earth and watch the glimmering sun reflect off of the station’s solar panels. But don’t get too comfortable – things have a habit of not going accordingly to plan, and the best astronauts need to be able to think on their feet….

With updated visuals and an enhanced sense of realistic motion created by our anti nausea EEVR (Enhanced Environment Virtual Reality) motion chairs, this experience will literally take your breath away.

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