Zero Collective: Delta Airlines

A fully immersive experience including a virtual cookie that you can pick up and even smell (it’s about as close as you can get to a cookie without actually eating one).

The demands of all leading brands is to deliver event based interactions which are innovative, creative and reliable and, most importantly, place them miles higher than the competition. Delta are no exception and, in conjunction with their preferred experiential agency Zero Collective, we developed a virtual reality experience beyond any in the market to give the user a true feeling of flying first class.

The custom seating and stand delivered a great start to making the user “feel” as if they were in a premium cabin, but the immersion kit that allows everyone to reach out and interact with the cabin view is what sets this experience apart from the rest.

Client Comments: “Reliable but leading edge technology which gets amazing feedback from even the most demanding and highest profile clientele.”

Explore and discover what its like to eat, sleep and drink in the premium cabins, and most impressively, complete the experience by picking up a fresh chocolate chip cookie within the experience, complete with that delicious oven baked smell.

This ground breaking aspect to the development boasts a simple yet highly effective application of our custom software controlled scent delivery system to give users a sense of immersion that taps into the human senses in a more realistic way than any other commercially available experiences.

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