Andersen Charge Points WebXR

Using the power of WebXR to display customised EV charge points, driving sales and consumer satisfaction.

Andersen EV, are an innovative UK-based company that designs and manufactures premium electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Known for their sleek, stylish, and high-quality designs, Andersen EV chargers are often characterised by their aesthetic appeal, customizable options, and integration with smart technology.

As a follow-up to the successful A2 project we worked on with Andersen EV, we were fortunate enough to work on the WebXR implementation of their A3 charger to their website. The technology is eye-catching and effective in boosting sales by allowing customers to visualise and customise their charger not only in the browser, but also in Augmented Reality (AR) when on a mobile device. Furthermore, they are even able to take a photo to save or share later. All of this is achievable without ever needing to install an app!

Here at Harmony, we are finding that we are delivering more and more projects based on the WebXR technology stack for our clients. How about giving it a try with the Andersen A3 below, or why not visit Andersen EV themselves at Andersen EV A3 Charge Point

Select a front panel

Current selection: Midnight Black

Select a Body

Current selection: Midnight Black

Why WebXR?

Using the power of WebXR technology, customers can view a 3D model of the Andersen A2 and A3 charge points, allowing them a real-time visual for over 240 different colour combinations. The power of WebXR gives users the ability to rotate a live 3D representation of the charging unit all from within their web browser; regardless of the platform they’re using. They can then customise their colours, separately selecting body and facia colours. Once happy they can then view this in AR and place it on their chosen wall to see what it will look like. They can even take a photo and share it or save it for later.

Andersen A3
Mobile Configurator View
Andersen A3
AR View
Andersen A3
AR View


Using CAD files supplied by Andersen, Harmony’s 3D team optimised the models and created textures for utilisation in the 3D world. The variations were then setup allowing for over 240 various combinations for customers to choose from. Harmony’s web team then created a full working example in the browser, ready for implementation into the Andersen EV website. Whilst working on the A3, we also gave a face lift to the A2, implementing the new range of colours that are now available.

“Harmony set up the first AR tool for our A2 charge point and did so in a way that provided a meaningful benefit to our clients and prospects, not just being there for the sake of it like some tools. When we needed an upgrade for the launch of the Andersen A3, Harmony supported this in less than 2 weeks on time and spec.”

Gary Pearson
Chief Operating Officer – Andersen EV

Andersen A3
Andersen A3
Andersen A2

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What is WebXR?
WebXR is a web standard that allows developers to create immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences accessible directly through web browsers. This technology eliminates the need for users to download or install additional software, making it easier for developers to reach a wider audience.

Is WebXR suitable for showcasing products?
Yes, WebXR is highly suitable for showcasing products. It allows for interactive and life-like 3D representations of products, helping users make informed decisions by visualising products in a true-to-life manner. This can be beneficial for both consumer-focused applications and sales tools used by internal teams to demonstrate products in the field.

Can WebXR experiences be used beyond consumer-focused applications?
Absolutely. WebXR is versatile and can be used for various applications beyond consumer-focused experiences. For example, it can be utilised to create tools for sales teams, enabling them to help potential customers visualise products more effectively while on the go. This flexibility makes WebXR a valuable tool for enhancing product visualisation and decision-making in multiple contexts.

What types of devices are compatible with WebXR?
WebXR supports a wide range of devices, from high-end VR headsets to smartphones with AR capabilities. This cross-device compatibility ensures that users can experience WebXR content on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, providing a consistent experience across different hardware.

How does WebXR differ from traditional AR and VR applications?
Unlike traditional AR and VR applications, which often require users to download and install dedicated software, WebXR allows users to access immersive experiences directly through web browsers. This enhances accessibility and convenience, as users can simply visit a URL to engage with AR and VR content.

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