Sealed Air: Intellicare

Sealed Air are a $7.7 billion diversified industrial company operating from over 200 locations worldwide. Our work with Sealed Air Group provides accessible, informative and flexible methods of corporate education using augmented reality product recognition to engage with users in a visual and interactive way.

We were approached by the Sealed Air Innovations Team to over come the challenge of “How do you reduce the cost of supporting products which are found in chains such as McDonalds, Hilton and IKEA but increase effectiveness?”

Our solution was to create a flexible training platform that allowed users to learn in a direct and user friendly way, supplied on a platform easily accessible to the masses. Easy, right?… Wrong. We faced some challenging obstacles whilst trying to create the perfect training solution due to the fact that the needs of the users were vastly different depending on global location, language abilities and accessibility to reliable internet.

However, that didn’t stop us from creating an award winning smart device application for Sealed Air Group. We created a platform that recognised the company’s products, displayed and integrated all training methods visually and interactively and that maintained personal training records. Plus, we also integrated a troubleshooting section which links to unique online support systems to help solve regional issues.

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