Using Spark AR, we created an experience for followers of Fred Perry that transported them onto the iconic black and gold tennis courts that hold the annual Fred Perry championships.

To use this micro VR experience users simply launched the experience from their Facebook news feed (no app required) and the Fred Perry laurel wreath would initialise in their real world space using their device camera. When users walked through the portal they found themselves standing on the courts where they could view some of Fred Perry’s greatest sporting achievements and could shake a vending machine to dispense personalised tennis balls.

Users could also flip the camera and take their own Fred Perry selfie and post online for the chance to win an exclusive competition.

More about Facebook and Web AR

We saw huge leaps for web based AR in 2019. Using Spark AR, we are now able to develop social media AR campaigns suitable for Instagram and Facebook. This platform is great for short term campaigns for events, competitions and brand promotions as they are fast to create, easy to use and harness already existing platforms and audiences.

If you truly want an app-less experience, web AR is now a reality too. Using the latest iOS devices, we can now trigger AR experiences purely from a web browser and device camera – no downloads necessary!

Fred Perry were looking for a new way to engage the public with the FP tennis Championship in Summer 2019.

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