When Crytek unveiled their new spin off company, Film Engine (intended for developing real-time film making software for virtual production workflows) there was no way that they were going to create a run-of-the-mill printed promotional campaign.

Instead, they wanted promotional materials that were fitting to their forward thinking brand, utilised visually impressive technologies and that ultimately caught peoples eyes and created a swift and memorable experience for users.

Our solution was to create an application that, when scanned over the custom designed Film Engine posters would activate a 3D visualisation of a futuristic robot emerging from a port hole placed over the Film Engine logo. This seamless flow between the 2D artwork and the 3D world worked particularly well at tapping into our childhood imaginations from when we all used to envisage pictures and still images coming to life.

This creative campaign gave Film Engine’s posters a unique twist and fully served it’s purpose for raising awareness for this potentially game changing cinema production tool. We look forward to seeing what more Crytek and Film Engine have up their sleeve in terms of their future software developments.

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