The Costa Express Support app is providing accessible and intuitive training and troubleshooting using augmented reality.

Costa Express have been hugely successful in delivering a “Bean to Cup” product direct to the consumer. Partners, such as Tesco, BP, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and Waterstones support over 8000 retail machines across the UK.

Now, imagine the complexity in providing effective, on-site training to different staff and shifts to ensure the very best in maintenance and up-time is achieved. It’s no easy task – and the time, human resources and costs involved are extensive.

Harmony have been able to improve the learning experience for staff by tapping into BYOD style training and using AR to present content to users visually. The award winning system is accessible at any time, anywhere and allows all user progress to be monitored through a secure online management platform.

Why is AR Useful?

The large scale and lack of easy accessibility to the Costa Express machines has previously made staff training difficult and troubleshooting costly. Staff are now able to visualise these large machines virtually at real world scale, providing a more realistic and thorough training experience.


The app allows users to take basic training, view key maintenance procedures and diagnose a range of errors all in one place, in their own time and at their own pace. Users are able to view and interact with 3D content and see how it directly relates to each machine, giving staff confidence and independence when it comes to troubleshooting.

User Data

The app is not only providing a more effective learning resource for staff, but it is also providing quantifiable performance data that can show individual training progress, training data at specific locations and machines and indicate strengths and weaknesses across app sectors and geographical locations.

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