Case Station

Try before you buy with augmented reality.

The beauty of AR is that it lets us preview what a product might look like in our own environment. The technology works by tracking a 3D construction of an item to a real world target such as a face or hand, or by allowing the user to adjust the position, scale and rotation of a 3D representation of an item so that they can ‘place’ it within their space. These methods of product visualisation are particularly useful in retail for previewing products such as clothing, eye wear, furniture or even hair colour and makeup.

Custom phone case designer, Case Station is already doing an impressive job of creating a sleek and easy to use customer experience and giving consumers easy to access tools to create personalised phone cases, however they identified that their experience lacked the ability to realistically preview what a product would look like before purchase.

This is where our technologies came in. Together, we devised a mobile app and an in-store platform that allowed users to easily design their custom cases and preview their design live in their 3D space before they confirmed their purchase.

This added visual tool has helped provide Case Station with a unique offering to their customers and show them that they are a brand with their best interests in mind.

Overall, it’s exciting to see more online brands embracing the fact that AR can provide the capabilities to preview products in a way that online shopping has previously not been able to. We think the incorporation of AR will eventually become an integral part of the online shopping process, and are glad to be able to support brands like Case Station who are paving the way for the technology in this industry.

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