Miss Alternative World – Relive the Night in VR!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of 360 live streaming the wonderfully chaotic Miss Alternative World 2018.

About the Night

For those who don’t know, MAW is a pageant like no other. Created by artist Andrew Logan, the night is a once every four years (ish) occasion to celebrate all things outrageous and creative.  Much like traditional beauty pageants, contestants take part in a number of rounds including day wear, evening wear and a personality interview – however this is as far as the comparison stretches. The emphasis of these events is not on poise and beauty, but on extravagant transformations and expression.

Prior to the night, award winning British film-maker, Jes Benstock gave us some pointers on what awaited us. His advice went along the lines of: expect the unexpected, be prepared for utter chaos and get ready to see some giant costumes.

These pointers were certainly spot on! The event can be described as nothing less than a whirlwind of colour, glitter, balloons, flashing lights and energetic music – it was a dynamic work of art from all angles. Even better still, the event took place at Shakespeare’s Globe in central London which is not only a spectacle in it’s own right, but a perfect fit for the event and a fantastic backdrop to the 360 video.

Our Insta 360 Pro camera and magic arm mount. Interested in hiring for your next event? Call us on 01767 317614.

The Filming

Our role in the event included live streaming it’s entirety in VR and also capturing the personalities and buzzing atmosphere from back stage.

We wanted to get as close to the action as possible (sometimes a little too close as we found out when our camera collided with a cluster of giant inflatable heads). We ventured behind the glittered stage curtains to capture the best of dressing room preparations, the anarchy of the inner stage right before curtain call and even some spectacular footage of the show from above using the upper stage balcony and some inventive camera rigging!

Tickets for MAW are always highly sought after and quick to sell out, meaning many supporters aren’t able to attend in the flesh. By live streaming the event in 360 we enabled this year’s audiences at home to feel as if they were right in the front row.

If you missed out on watching the event live on the night, you can watch it back using the link below:

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