Stories That Come To LIFE!

Our latest venture with Mardles has launched! This set of exciting, interactive story books come to life in augmented reality using smart phones and tablets. 

If you’re in need of a way to make reading more exciting for your little ones, these books will certainly do just that.¬†Beautifully illustrated and written to engage and entertain young readers, these books are a fantastic way to encourage children to enjoy reading and learn. The thing that makes these books really stand out is that we’ve enabled readers to join in on the book’s adventures by bringing them to life in 3D.

The books work in conjunction with the Mardles smart device app which scans ‘magic pages’ within the books to trigger the related augmented reality content. Users can then interact with a variety of unique environments relating to each stage of the book’s story, plus users can control the on screen characters and move them around their real world environment. These ‘magic pages’ are spread throughout the entirety of each book, meaning that kids will always be eager to turn the next page. In fact, you’ll be lucky if they can put them down judging by the reactions we’ve seen to them so far.

There are currently five books in the range:

Readers can tap on objects around the environments to interact and move their characters around the real world environment and explore. Take a closer look at the books in action below.

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