Immersion VR Seats

Virtual Reality is great but we never we don’t do thing in ordinary flavours at Harmony. We were frustrated with motion sickness limiting the scope of VR and we wanted to create experiences with more immersion than a simple headset can offer.

We have spent 3 years developing the new eevr motion seat system which includes our unique Suggestive Movement Algorithm (SMA) so that we can create delicate or exciting movements which link precisely with enabled VR experiences.

Finished units are available to rent or buy, are custom stitched in colour-coded GT leather and they look great!

What’s the easiest way to find out more? Come and experience it at the studio.

VR Brain feedback

Motion and scent are incredible additions to VR experiences but the most mind-blowing is our emotive feedback unit which we have built into Oculus headsets.

By calculating emotional responses based on our high sensitivity EEG points, we can record the experience levels of participants, adjust the content they are viewing and create new scenarios within the experience.

The visual effect is amazing in our ZEN experience but the deeper aspects of the technology are even more incredible.

Our next phase is predictive actions – knowing what you will do before you have concluded deciding it.

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